How is Blueprinting learned and applied?
  2. Blueprinting Methodology
  3. How is Blueprinting learned and applied?

3. Blueprinting team project tracking

The progress of Blueprinting teams is tracked in the Project Tracker at the Blueprinting Center.

The initial workshop is important, but far more critical is what happens after the workshop. You don’t learn Blueprinting at the workshop; you just learn about it at the workshop. You truly learn New Product Blueprinting as you personally apply it during customer interviews and other activities.

To encourage teams’ forward progress and provide ongoing coaching support, the AIM Coach hosts a 2-hour monthly web-conference every month. At these sessions, each team reports their progress, e.g. number of interviews scheduled and conducted.

All teams report at the same web-conference so that each team can learn from the experiences of others. The AIM Coach then updates the Project Tracker at  Management is given access to this, to encourage busy employees to keep their focus on these Blueprinting projects.

There’s no need for the team leader to enter data or do any special preparation for these web-conferences. Just be ready to talk about a) your progress since the last session, b) next steps… work planned to be completed by the next session, and c) learnings… what’s working, what’s not working, and questions for the coach.


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