Technical Issues

Why does my Blueprinter® software appear to be offline, when actually, my PC is online?

If the group policies are not set up correctly, then Blueprinter software appears to be offline. In this state, it will not sync with the cloud.


While online, Blueprinter software continually syncs to the cloud. However, if the group policies are not set-up correctly, then it will not sync. 


Depending upon your access rights and technical comfort, you may need help from your IT department to make those changes. Here are the instructions:


While waiting to get your settings fixed, one of the solutions below will usually solve the problem:

1) Make sure you're using an approved browser. These are only Chrome, Edge, and Internet Explorer.

2) Use a different browser. This works because the settings are unique to a particular browser (Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer).

3) If encountering the issue while connecting through a VPN, disconnect the VPN and try again. 

4) Close and re-open the browser. 


Chrome is the recommended browser as it will provide the best experience.