How is Blueprinting learned and applied?
  2. Blueprinting Methodology
  3. How is Blueprinting learned and applied?

2. Blueprinting learner resources

Learners access Blueprinter software, e-learning, BlueTools, BlueHelp and more at the Blueprinting Center.

Learners access the following resources at This is a one-stop-shop website that contains everything practitioners need to learn and continue applying New Product Blueprinting. Each participant receives perpetual access to this center at no added cost as long as they remain employees of the host company: The only resources within the Blueprinting Center that require an annual subscription after the first year are a) Blueprinter software, and b) e-learning modules.

  1. Blueprinter software: Instead of using unconnected tools, teams capture the entire front-end of innovation in Blueprinter software. Today cloud-based Blueprinter 5.0 software includes all three initial steps + key analytical charts + Market Case. Until AIM completes development on the last 4 steps of the Blueprinting process, users launch a fully-populated Blueprinter 4.0 Excel-base file to finish their work through the Business Case.
  2. E-learning modules: These 31 e-modules contain over 100 videos, including many interview simulations. Review questions are included in each module and learner progress tracking is provided.
  3. BlueTools®: Participants use over 20 advanced tools to perform secondary market research, conduct customer tours, create value calculators, improve listening and probing, set up customer interviews, debrief and follow-up after interviews, optimize their new product design, craft compelling business cases and much more. Many of these job aids are available in 9 languages... and some are available to untrained members of the host company at no extra cost.
  4. BlueHelp® knowledge center: Learners can access hundreds of articles to build their knowledge and skills. This center is easily searchable, making it easy to “brush up” on what was learned during the workshop or e-learning module. This is the world’s most advanced and complete library of practical advice for success in the front-end of B2B innovation.
  5. Pre-workshop diagnostic: Prior to the workshop (in-person only, not virtual), each participant completes a confidential online B2B Growth Diagnostic assessing their business's current effectiveness in 24 “growth habits.” The results are reviewed at the workshop, benchmarked against industry average, top quartile, and top decile companies. (See Clients are welcome to continue running this diagnostic on their business annually at no charge.
  6. KAI Psychometric: A key element of product development is effective team problem-solving. Before the workshop (in-person only, not virtual), each team member completes the Kirton Adaption-Innovation psychometric, and then receives feedback to boost team effectiveness.

For more on these resources and how Blueprinting is learned, watch the short video,


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