How does Blueprinting fit with LaunchStar product launch?
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  3. How does Blueprinting fit with LaunchStar product launch?

3. 12 Rules of B2B product launch

This e-book contains 12 proven lessons for better B2B product launches.

Most B2B product launches today suffer from these ailments:

Launches are not B2B market-specific: B2B suppliers often make the mistake of using promotional methods designed for B2C. They also fail to customize these methods to the unique nature of each of their B2B market segments. This leads to over-spending and under-performing.

Launches are not digital enough: B2B suppliers are certainly not oblivious to newer digital marketing tools. But many are slow to adopt the right digital tools for their specific launch. And when they do, they often use these tools in a haphazard, inefficient fashion.

Launches are too casual: Some companies spend liberally on product development, and then fail to form launch teams soon enough, muster adequate launch budgets, and follow a rigorous launch roadmap. I once heard, “We don’t release our products. We let them escape.”

We’ve written an e-book with guidance on how your team can do much better. (See 12 Rules of B2B Product Launch.) It contains these for “rules” for superior B2B product launches:

  • Rule 1. Be easy to find… when your prospect is ready
  • Rule 2. Link “early-stage” to “late-stage” marketing
  • Rule 3. Get inside their minds with positioning
  • Rule 4. Advance prospects along the buying cycle
  • Rule 5. Use engagement—not interruption—marketing
  • Rule 6. Customize for industry concentration & position
  • Rule 7. Use online articles to boost “findability”
  • Rule 8. Use word of mouth to build buzz
  • Rule 9. Use powerful online marketing tools
  • Rule 10. Integrate traditional media in your strategy
  • Rule 11. Make your sales pros look like geniuses
  • Rule 12. Pull it all together in a launch plan

For more, download the AIM e-book, 12 Rules of B2B Product Launch, visit, and see executive video #21 at


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