Blueprinting Step 5: Product Objectives
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  3. Blueprinting Step 5: Product Objectives

3. Creating a multi-generational roadmap

Blueprinter Step 5 lets you create a plan for future new products beyond your initial design.

After some technical brainstorming, many teams decide they can launch an initial new product that addresses some important customer outcomes… but not all of them. It could be that solutions for some outcomes will require more development time. Or perhaps the technology isn’t even available yet, but the team wants to signal its interest in developing or sourcing such technology.

This is where the Multi-Generation Roadmap can help. The Outside-In Score data is shown in the top chart, and the 1-to-10 ratings in the lower one. The 1st generation product data will already be present: This is the design you created in Step 5.2.

You can also describe a 2nd and 3rd generation product your team might develop later. To record these designs, just enter the data in Blueprinter Step 5.5. This chart is optional. Some teams use this for fast market entry, while providing future technology direction to their R&D departments.

For more on setting new product objectives, see e-Learning Module 27: Product Objectives (at > e-Learning Modules.)


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