How to build your Market Case

3. Presenting your Market Case

6 Tips for presenting your Market Case to management.

Here are suggestions for presenting your Market Case… whether you’ll present a more-detailed Business Case later or not.

  1. Don’t create a “home-grown” PowerPoint presentation that you start “from scratch.” When teams do this, they waste a lot of precious time. More damaging, they naturally talk about the strong parts of their project, leaving out the weak parts.
  2. Instead, use the Market Case template provided in Blueprinter Tool 3.7: Create Market Case. Keep clicking the blue “Next” button in this tool until you see the screen below. Then click “Download PPTX” (red arrow below) for your six PowerPoint slides.
  3. About one week ahead of your presentation to management, send each of them a 2-page PDF of your Market Case so they can preview it, and be prepared with questions. Just click “Download PDF” (green arrow above) for this.
  4. It’s OK to have some PowerPoint backup slides at the ready. But first go through your six Market Case slides with management, and use any additional slides sparingly.
  5. Use your Blueprinter Project as backup. This is very powerful: Have your Blueprinter project open. If management asks about your value chain, take them to Tool 1.2: Record Secondary Research > Research Sheet > 2. Market Structure > Value Chain. Or if they have questions about a certain customer outcome, do a search (Blueprinter project menu > Search Interview Notes) and show them the actual words you recorded from customers. Impressive!
  6. Be clear about what you’re requesting from your management: Do you want to enter the development stage? Do you need additional resources? Consider taking an “options” approach where management “pays a little to learn a lot.” You might say, “We’d like you to authorize development stage work now, with a budget of $50K for outside testing. We’ll return in 6 months to update you… and then you can decide if we should continue our work.”

You can generate a sample of a Market Case by going to > Blueprinter software > DEMO: Acme Packaging project > Blueprinter Tool 3.7 > All Interviews. Then click the "Next" button 6 times and download the PDF and/or PPT version of the Market Case. If you don't have a subscription to the Blueprinting Center, you can request a free sample at Contact Us.

What if you want to continue on with Blueprinting steps 4-to-7? Go to the same spot you downloaded your PDF and PPT Market Case and click the button, Launch Blueprinter-Business Case. This will create a downloadable Excel-based file for steps 4-to-7 that has been fully populated with all your work to-date.


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