How to handle confidential info in an interview
  2. Discovery Interviews (Step 2)
  3. How to handle confidential info in an interview

4. Cloaking entire Blueprinting projects

This makes all your project's sticky notes unsearchable by colleagues in your company.

In most cases, you’ll conduct Discovery interviews with multiple customers in a market segment.  You’ll make it clear that your intent is to bring innovation—through a new product or service—to their entire industry. So your Discovery interviews are designed to uncover outcomes that can eventually be improved for many companies. While you won’t divulge specific responses and their sources (who said what), there’s therefore no need to “cloak” (or keep secret) the interview results.

But there can be exceptions. Here are some cases where you should cloak your entire project:

  • You’re working on a government military project, and only those with a “need to know” should have access to the information.
  • Your project has a “market of one customer.” That is, you are working closely with a single, large customer and the entire project is under NDA or even a joint development agreement (JDA).
  • You and your team are just practicing, and you don’t want to “clutter” searches by company colleagues later with your sticky notes.

For any of these cases, you can cloak your entire project when you first set it up: On the Project Settings page that automatically appears, just click one of these options:

  • Not visible to anyone.
  • Practice Project. Same as Cloaked.

You can also cloak your project later at any time. Just go to the main menu inside a project (3 horizontal lines in upper-left) and select “Project Settings.” You can also cloak a project at any time on your "My Projects" main screen (that displays all your projects). You'll see a small "Venetian Mask" icon on each row: When clicked, your project becomes cloaked.


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