Blueprinter Updates


The AutoSync feature eliminates the need to select "Sync Now" while online.



Note about the timing of this update: Some users received this update over the summer in 2019. If you received this update already, you were previously notified.  

As of September 23, 2019, all users have this upgrade. 


AutoSync Upgrade

The AutoSync feature changes the way Blueprinter software saves and syncs data.

Previously, you had to select "Sync Now" to backup your project's data with the cloud. Now, this will happen continuously while online.


Offline considerations

However, when offline, there are some considerations. Your software will still continuously save your projects' data, but only to your browser's cache. Therefore, you should use the "Save Backup" option when working offline. 

Most will find this "Save Backup" process to be less disruptive in Chrome than other browsers. 


How does the "Save" option work when offline?

When offline, the data is not backed up in the cloud. Therefore, to minimize the possibility of a data loss issue, you should periodically select "Save Backup" to create a backup text file that could be used to restore your project if needed. 

Save Backup

You will not see "Save Backup" until something is changed. Once this happens, the link appears. When you click on it, it will disappear until another change has been made. 

To encourage the user to save, the button will become increasingly visible as follows:

  • After 5 minutes, it becomes orange.
  • After 5 additional minutes, it begins blinking
  • After 5 additional minutes, it begins blinking faster
  • After 5 additional minutes, it begins blinking even faster

Most will find this "Save Backup" process during offline mode to be less disruptive in Chrome than other browsers. 


Work online if possible

This upgrade will improve both your online and offline experiences with Blueprinter. However, if possible, always choose to work online rather than offline to benefit from the cloud-based data backup.