Step 2

How can I change the text that a customer sees during a Discovery Interview?

You can change much of the text within a Discovery Interview using "Settings" within the Discovery Noteboard.

There may be a reason why you'd want to change the information that your customer sees during a Discovery Interview. You an change any of the text down the left side of the screen. Most commonly, a team may want to change their company name or perhaps the name of one of the interview phases. 


To do so, just follow these steps:

1. Go to "Settings" in the Discovery Interview. 


2. Select the language. 


3. Select "Activate Language Converter". 


4. Note the text on the left has become green. You can customize any of this text. 


5. For example, imagine that we want to change "Problems" to "Challenges."


6. Complete the task by determining if you want this to be changed for this interview only, or for the entire project.