When to employ Everyday VOC
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  3. When to employ Everyday VOC

1. Virtual vs. in-person Everyday VOC

You can use Everyday VOC for both in-person and virtual customer calls. Here are some guidelines for each.

Everyday VOC works wells for your in-person meetings with customers. You won't use any software during the customer call: You'll just pay close attention, make some notes, and then enter your notes into your CRM system later.

But there may be cases where you're not face-to-face with your customer. Perhaps you're on the phone or having a web-conference (using Teams or Zoom, for instance). In these cases, Everyday VOC is even easier: Now you can have your Everyday VOC Guide right next to you, for a handy reference. (You can download this at www.aimclientcenter.com.)

Everyday VOC Guide

Also, consider "hybrid" customer meetings. Perhaps your sales professional is at the customer's facility, while your colleagues are joining virtually from your home office. This is an excellent setting for Everyday VOC. Those back at your home office could meet in a conference room with a whiteboard, recording probing questions on their white board to ask at the right time.

Virtual vs. in-person customer calls

Which is better... a 2-hour in-person customer visit, or a 2-hour virtual session? The in-person meeting is the gold standard. But consider that this great meeting might have taken over 10 hours of travel!

Web-conferences are commonly used for New Product Blueprinting interviews, and we've learned there are many "hidden" advantages. (You can download a white paper on this at www.virtualvoc.com.)

10 Advantages of Virtual VOC

For more, see e-Learning Module 20: Remote Interviews, at www.aimclientcenter.com > e-Learning. Also check out the 2-minute video, Conduct virtual customer interviews, part of the B2B Organic Growth video series by Dan Adams.


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