How can I become Certified in New Product Blueprinting?
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  3. How can I become Certified in New Product Blueprinting?

3. Certification Exams

Among other requirements, a candidate must pass four exams to be a Certified Practitioner, and an additional seven to become a Certified Blue Belt.

Each exam is considered to be "open book," but is timed for 1-hour. If you do not obtain a passing grade, you can re-take the exam in a week. You must achieve a score of 80 for a passing grade. There's no limit to the number of times you take the exam. 


Access the exams in the Blueprinting Center

You will access the exams through the Blueprinting Center ( At the bottom of the page, you'll see which exams you've passed, and which remain to be taken. 


Once on the exam page, you can either select the exam you'd like to take or, you can review previous exam sessions: 


The exams are designed to be a learning experience

After taking an exam, you can review how well you performed. You can see which questions were missed, and you'll have a personalized study guide waiting for you, based upon which questions were incorrect. 


Review your exams, and use your customized study guide

You can review all your incorrect responses to see which you missed, using the bar of green checks and red X's. When doing so, you'll see both your incorrect answer (in red) along with the actual correct answer.

Of course, one purpose of the exams is to measure your New Product Blueprinting knowledge. However, it is also designed to be a learning experience, both about the process as well as about the ability to quickly access information within BlueHelp. 

Rules and Tips for Taking Exams

  1. Each exam has 25 questions. Each question has just one correct answer. A minimum score of 80% must be achieved for a passing grade.
  2. 100% of the exam questions are covered in your BlueHelp® Knowledge Center, so if you want to take this exam with high confidence, read through the appropriate BlueHelp articles beforehand. Note: Exams 2 and 3 (Discovery Preparation and Discovery Interviews) are both covered in a single BlueHelp section called “Discovery Interviews (Step 2).”
  3. You have 60 minutes to take each of the 7 exams, which should be more than enough time… even with some breaks or interruptions. If you get stuck on a question or two, you should even have time to refer to your BlueHelp Knowledge Center for help.
  4. If your browser crashes mid-way, just come back to this page and continue the exam: All the questions you’ve answered up to the point of the crash should have been retained.
  5. You can take these 7 exams in any order you choose.
  6. After the exam, you’ll see your score and some suggested BlueHelp articles to read for those topics you answered incorrectly.
  7. If you pass an exam, it will automatically be recorded on your Blueprinting Center Home page (after you refresh the page).
  8. If you don’t pass an exam, you can take another version of the same exam after one week. Expect some repeated questions as well as new ones.