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  3. After your Everyday VOC call

3. When should Everyday VOC lead to Blueprinting?

Everyday VOC can signal when you should conduct New Product Blueprinting... for more thorough market VOC.

Imagine you've done some solid "Market Scouting": You've detected a rising market need for a certain outcome. (For instance, "crack resistance" in the glass phone display example we used in the BlueHelp article, Benefit #2: Data-mine market needs.)

Does this mean you should launch a new product development project targeting this outcome in your product design? No, that would be premature. But this could be a good signal to conduct more thorough voice-of-customer work, perhaps using New Product Blueprinting

Fit with Blueprinting

Once you detect rising market interest in one or more outcomes, you'll need to identify the relevant market segment. A market segment is a "cluster of customers with similar needs." You'll also need to be clear what customer job-to-be-done this outcome supports.

Now you can launch New Product Blueprinting B2B-optimzed VOC or similar front-end voice-of-customer interviews. But wait... why shouldn't you skip directly into product development focused on the outcome in question (e.g., glass crack resistance)? Two reasons.

  • Yes, you've detected one outcome of interest. But there may be other very important outcomes you should know about. You might also address these in your new product design for a more successful new offering. Blueprinting qualitative Discovery interviews ensure you gather all of these outcomes.
  • Yes, the interest in the outcome you detected is rising. But is the interest high enough to warrant new product development on your part? The only way to know is to conduct quantitative Preference interviews, which indicate if market interest is high enough by using Market Satisfaction Gaps.

For more on New Product Blueprinting, check out three 3-minute videos that quickly explain Blueprinting methods, training and software:,, and


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