How can I become Certified in New Product Blueprinting?
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  3. How can I become Certified in New Product Blueprinting?

2. Certification Qualifications

Candidates must both pass a series of exams and accumulate experience to become certified.

The New Product Blueprinting certification programs provide a means for companies to measure, manage, and grow their New Product Blueprinting asset. The more folks who are certified, the greater the company will be able to develop successful new products. 

Two Levels: Certified Practitioner and Certified Blue Belt

Certified Practitioners will be able to proficiently participate in Blueprinting project teams. They will understand the basic precepts, and can properly participate in any interviewing role. Their expertise will be generally limited to the first three steps of Blueprinting, which comprises the process to create a Market Case. 

Certified Blue Belts will be knowledgeable about all seven steps of Blueprinting. They will be able to participate in Blueprinting projects all the way to the conclusion of the Business Case. In addition, their additional depth of knowledge will allow them to serve the company as an internal subject matter expert for Blueprinting. In this role, they can advise and help other teams, beyond just their own project teams. 

Goals for Blueprinting Certification-1


To become a Certified Practitioner, a person must participate in 3 Discovery and 2 Preference interviews, take 12 e-learning modules (#13-24), pass four exams, and complete at least one Market Case with their team.

The four exams cover the first three steps of Blueprinting, from Market Research to Preference Interviews. The exams have 25 questions and will be timed (1-hour) but will be open-book. Test takers will find the BlueHelp® Knowledge Center useful for preparation. 

After taking a test, the test taker can review their incorrect answers with the bar along the bottom which will have a red "X". 


To become a Certified Blue Belt, the Certified Practitioner must take an additional seven exams covering Advanced Market Segmentation, Advanced Discovery Preparation, Advanced Discovery Interviews, Advanced Preference Interviews, Blueprinter Software, Blueprinting Methodology, and the Rest of Blueprinting.

Additionally, they must participate as either a Moderator or Note-taker in five Discovery and three Preference Interviews, and complete the rest of the 31 e-learning modules.