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Can my company add new Blueprinter® software users if they don't receive training?

Blueprinter software is only effective when combined with proper training and support.

In short, AIM does not provide practitioners with Blueprinter software without also providing training. Our focus is on our client's long-term success.

While Blueprinter® software is the most significant tool within a practitioner's assets, it is not effective without proper training. 

Here are a few practical examples:

Blueprinter captures inputs in the form of customer needs, but these inputs are no better than what a team can gather when interviewing customers and asking great probing questions.

The inputs themselves are "customer outcome statements," and if not written well, the project will fail. The outputs can not be better than the inputs.  

Teams determine the mix of customers to interview, but if they do not interview a proper mix, the results will not be representative of a market. 


Additionally, a new Blueprinting practitioner gains access to many resources for life, including e-learning training, BlueHelp and the BlueTool resource. Therefore, the costs are "front-loaded" for this perpetual access.

Further, the cost of Blueprinting training is extremely competitive and, in fact, is quite affordable as compared to executive education programs. 

Here are the details about costs:


If your company already has already trained multiple teams in Blueprinting, then you will add new users to current teams with the "Individual" plan.