Blueprinter Updates


Increase project name length, add market case goal date to 3.7, increase outcomes map characters, and add more charts within the Market Case

A collection of the following small updates will improve the experience of Blueprinter Software:

  • The acceptable project name length has been increased from 25 to 30 characters
  • Within Tool 3.7, users will see the Market Case completion goal date in the top box
  • Within the Outcomes Map, more characters can now be seen without the need to scroll
  • Within the Market Case itself, more charts have been added from Tool 3.6
  • New rules for automatically classifying an Interview as "Finished". When at least three sticky notes are filled out, the date will be auto-filled, and the interview will be classified as "Finished". This will avoid errors in the Executive Dashboard. Also, a user can override this selection if desired.