How can I become Certified in New Product Blueprinting?
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  3. How can I become Certified in New Product Blueprinting?

1. The Value of Certification

New Product Blueprinting Certifications benefit both practitioners and leaders.

What Blueprinting certifications are offered?

We have two levels… Certified Blueprinting Practitioner and Certified Blue Belt. Every time you learn and apply Blueprinting, you’re naturally moving toward the next level. This means you’re getting closer as you take another e-learning module… conduct another interview… complete a project Market Case… and pass an exam. 

What's the value of certification for me?

When you complete your certification, you can download a digital badge for use on your business card and resume. What if you move to a new company before completing your certification? No worries: We maintain your records, so just notify us so you can pick up where you left off.

Your Blueprinting certification puts you in an elite group. Think of it as the “special forces” of B2B innovation. In the past, professionals pursued expertise in Six Sigma or Lean. Today, companies are seeking professionals that are masters of understanding B2B customer needs. Its hard to imagine a skill more sought after today by B2B companies trying to improve their market-facing innovation. In other words, all of them.

What's the value of certification for my company?

Your Blueprinting Center Home Page displays all the licensed Blueprinting users in your company. Those that are Certified Practitioners and Certified Blue Belts are highlighted. This way, new teams can reach out to internal experts with questions… or even ask experienced colleagues to join them on their first project.

Beyond this, Blue Belt Certification is a prerequisite to becoming a Certified Blueprinting Coach. Remember how an AIM Institute Coach helped your team on its first project? With this program, you can replace AIM Coaches with your internal Certified Coaches. This saves your company money and brings experienced coaching closer to “where the action is.

The Value of Certification

For the individuals who become either Certified Practitioners or Certified Blue Belts, they will gain a valuable credential for their resume / CV. This will accelerate their career within their current company and will improve their attractiveness if they should find themselves between jobs. 

For company leaders, the certification programs provide a way to measure, manage, and grow their Blueprinting capabilities as a business. Paving the way for future profits and growth. 

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