Software Security and Setup

How can my company access our Blueprinter® software data if we let our subscriptions expire?

The best option to keep access to your Blueprinter data is to maintain active subscriptions. But if not, there are other options as well.

If your company decides that it no longer wants to maintain a subscription to Blueprinter software, there are several options for keeping your data. However, there is only one "best" option: maintaining a few subscriptions (or at least one), but if you are determined not to have subscriptions, other options do exist.

The Best Option: Maintain a Few Subscriptions

An ongoing software subscription is inexpensive to maintain. Click here to see current pricing. By maintaining a subscription, your company will have access to many functions to get the most out of your data, such as search, AI, and presentation creation. If going this route, folks who are on the project should provide access to other subscribers to ensure that all folks who need access, have access. Click here for instructions on adding someone to a Blueprinter project. 

Alternative Option #1: Export Data Yourself

If determined to cancel all subscriptions, one option is to export data yourself prior to expiration. For example, Discovery Interviews can be exported individually. Note the image below to see the location of this feature:


Similarly, you can export the completed list of outcome statements from a project within "Prepare Top Picks" within Tool 2.3, the results from Preference Research from Tool 3.6, and created PowerPoint presentations within Tool 3.7. 

Alternative Option #2: AIM Exports the Data for You

Additionally, upon request, AIM can provide you with a file containing your exported data. However, raw data is of limited value without a database to house, retrieve, and create queries. If the goal is for professional data analysts to use the data, this will not be a problem.

However, for more typical users, such as product managers, engineers, etc., to access, you will need to build a database for usability. This will unlikely make more financial sense than maintaining a few subscriptions.