Blueprinting Center

2. e-Learning Page of Blueprinting Center

What does the e-Learning button do?

When you click the e-Learning button in the Top Banner of the Blueprinting Center (, you'll be able take or review any of the 31 e-learning modules. You have unlimited access to these e-modules that comes with your lifetime free access to the Blueprinting Center.

Blueprinting Center - e-Learning-2

Each e-learning module lasts 15-to-30 minutes and has a short quiz at the end. Be sure to record an answer for each question to get credit for taking that e-module. On the right-side of this page (above), each e-module will display one of three buttons:

  • VIEW: You have yet to open this e-module for the first time.
  • CONTINUE: You have started but not completed this e-module.
  • REVIEW: You got credit for completion, and can go back over this later if you wish.

When you click one of the above buttons, your e-learning module will open (see below). Please note the following:

  • Slides (yellow arrow): You can watch your progress and navigate to different slides here.
  • Notes (green arrow): You can read a written script here... especially helpful if English isn't your first language.
  • Resources (red arrow): IMPORTANT... When the e-learning asks you to download something, click here. Most downloads are also found in the BlueTools page of the Blueprinting Center.

Blueprinting e-Learning Function

When you return to your Home Page at the Blueprinting Center, you'll see a record of your completed e-modules. For certifications, you'll need to complete the following e-modules:

  • Blueprinting Practitioner Certification: Complete e-modules 13-to-24. These 12 e-modules are all about hands-on interviewing. If you're part of a coached Blueprinting team, your first weekly reminder will be for e-module 13. That's so you'll get a fast start on your interviews.
  • Blue Belt Certification: You'll take the rest of the e-learning modules to qualify for this. E-modules 1-to-12 are foundational, loaded with both underlying theory and practical front-end-of-innovation tips. E-modules 25-to-31 cover Blueprinting steps 4-to-7 (after the Market Case, through the Business Case.)


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