Software Security and Setup

How can our IT Department ensure smooth deployment of Blueprinter software?

These steps will ensure Blueprinter software users in your company will have a problem-free experience.


This document is intended for IT departments preparing for a Blueprinter® 5.0 software deployment to their users. Network access requirements and other prerequisites for correct operation are identified below.

Blueprinter 5.0 software is a browser-based application that uses HTML5 local storage for working project data, which is then synchronized to a Microsoft Azure server using web services. This architecture allows distributed team members to collaborate while ensuring all customer data remains secure. The browser application can work offline and synchronize data when a network connection becomes available.

Blueprinter 5.0 software is the primary “tool” that marketing, technical and other colleagues in your company will learn and use as they apply New Product Blueprinting. An overview of Blueprinting methods, software, and training is available in these 3-minute videos:,, and

We take the security of your company’s data very seriously and are eager to support you as you protect this data. For documents related to our information security policies and practices, please see the BlueHelp article, How is Blueprinter client data kept secure?. The AIM Institute engages an independent auditor to conduct a SOC2 audit annually. If you would like the most recent copy of this audit, please request it at

Single Sign-on

Blueprinter software supports SAML 2.0 identity providers, including Windows Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS). Contact us at for more information.

Browser Support

Blueprinter 5.0 software supports recent versions of only Microsoft Edge and Chrome browsers. HTML5 local storage must be enabled on the browser. Users should have at least 20% free disk space. The browser may show a warning if the local disk has less than 10% free space.

Network Permissions

Users’ computers must have network access to and in order to use the application. If AIM Minesweeper is also in use, must also be accessible. If a proxy server is configured, please contact AIM for more information prior to installation.

Email domains

Application-related emails will originate from addresses in the domains, and ***PLEASE ENSURE THESE DOMAINS ARE WHITE-LISTED FOR EMAIL DELIVERY.***

Group Policy Options Affecting Blueprinter 5.0 Software

It’s common for Enterprises to adjust default MS Edge settings using Group Policies. In such cases, some of the Blueprinter 5.0 software functionality will not be available. For example, the website may fail to work offline if it is unable to store data in the browser’s cache. If your company adjusts default settings for Edge, then please review them to make sure that these settings won’t affect browser features that Blueprinter software depends on:


  • Computer Configuration -> Administrative Template -> Windows Components -> Microsoft Edge
    • Allow clearing browsing data on exit. If Enabled, this could cause data loss. Also, users won’t be able to open applications offline. This setting is off by default.