Software Security and Setup

Can I transfer a Blueprinter® software subscription to another employee?

Blueprinter subscriptions can only be transferred within 90 days of the initial training.

Blueprinter software subscriptions can only be transferred within 90 days of the initial training. 

Why is this? 

New Product Blueprinting is a complete system of training, tools, support, and of course - Blueprinter software. A practitioner will need adequate training in order to be successful and use the software. If subscriptions are transferred to non-trained folks, they will struggle. 

For example, without training, there's no context to understand the data analysis within Step 3. Further, a practitioner will not be able to properly interview a customer in Step 2 - or understand some of the more skill-intensive aspects, such as crafting outcome statements. 

Additionally, the benefits of a new practitioner are "front-loaded." For example, they gain lifetime access to the Blueprinting Center and the associated resources. And of course, AIM does incur additional costs to both add new folks as well as support the growing population of users. 

Why are any transfers allowed at all?

An exception is made to address some unusual situations as a company is getting started with Blueprinting. For example, when putting a group of practitioners, a company may make an error in the selection of folks.  Or, a new person may join the company immediately after the training. 

Transfers can be managed during this time because the company is still receiving coaching following the training. As part of the coaching process, new folks can be brought up to speed successfully. 

The good news!

The great news is that virtual training sessions occur every few weeks. Therefore, it's easy to bring a new practitioner on-line.  For new colleagues who wish to become experts in B2B innovation, including access to Blueprinter software, you can find the next session here