Blueprinter Updates


Manage your Blueprinter project's progress from the home page of each project. Plus, provide progress updates to your coach when using one.

This release includes two updates: 1) Managing project progress and 2) Providing those updates to your AIM coach when one is used

1. Managing Project Progress

From the home page of each project, you can now enter project management information. The image below shows where you'll enter the update. 


You'll have access to a text editor with basic formatting options:


Once an entry is made, all your team members will be able to view it. Just select "+Update" to add another. 

If your project is being coached by an AIM coach, they will see these project-management notes to help during your next coaching session. 

One final point: You can choose to either enable or disable reminders to add project updates every 30 days within Project Settings. 


2. Provide Progress Updates to your AIM Coach

This feature is only needed when your project team is guided by an AIM coach. To provide them visibility to the progress notes, and also for billing/tracking purposes, the project must be connected to a Coaching Dashboard. This dashboard is a tool to help a coach be more efficient and effective in guiding your team. 

This connection does not provide your coach with access to your project's customer insight data. It only provides visibility to the project management information as entered in Feature #1 above.

In fact, you will not have to worry too much about how to make this connection, as this is something that your AIM Coach will walk you through. However, just FYI, the process is listed below. 

First, notice that on "Project Settings" that there's a new line that reads "Add Coaching to Project":


If you hover over the (i), you'll see some instructions:

If you do select "Add Coaching to project", you'll see the screen below. However, this is something that your AIM coach will do with you: