Step 2

How can I delete a sticky note from the Discovery Noteboard?

There is not a "note delete" feature. The workaround is to remove a note's data, then move the note to the bottom.

Where is the "note delete" feature on the Discovery Noteboard? 

There is not a "note delete" feature. 


Why isn't there a "note delete" feature?

A Blueprinter® software project has many team members. There are no "access rights" levels. Therefore, an individual could accidentally delete information from a customer interview.  Since, practically speaking, some team members will be power users of Blueprinter software, and others will be casual users, the likelihood of an accidental deletion would be high.

Further, consider that the data from a customer interview was obtained at a great cost. The cost of Blueprinting training, the time and expense of setting up the interview, the time to conduct the interview, etc.  Therefore, there is not a "note delete" feature to prevent accidental lost of valuable data. 


Doesn't a user need a "note delete" feature?

Not really. We should remember that a Discovery Interview is just an intermediate step within the larger Blueprinting process. The only notes that proceed in the process are those selected as "Top Picks" and "Must Haves." If something isn't relevant, or is just background information, the convention is to mark the color as pink. 


But what if I really, really want to delete a note anyway? Is there a "work around"?

Yes, there is. Just manually delete the information, then move the note to the bottom. This video will show you how:

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