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How do I import a Discovery Interview from another project?

You can use the "Search" feature to import a Discovery Interview from another project.

Here are the steps to use "Search" to import a Discovery Interview from another project:


1. Open the destination project. That is, the project that you want to import the Discovery Interview notes into.  Click the "menu" icon. (Three horizontal bars in the upper left corner). 


2. Select "Search Interview Notes" from the menu bar. 

3. Select the expander icon to the right of "Show me..."


4. You will now see that you have additional search options. You're now going to find the source project (that contains the desired Discovery Interview). 


5. Select the source project. 



6. Select the desired Discovery Interview. 


7. Select the check box as shown to select all the sticky notes from the interview. Otherwise, you can scroll down and just select the individual notes that are desired. 


8. Select the Import arrow. 


9. You'll see a list of all the Discovery Interviews within the destination project. 


10. To import into a new, Discovery Noteboard, scroll down and select " - NEW - ":


11. You can name the new Discovery Interview anything you want here:


12. The Discovery Interview will now show up in your destination project. 

13. When looking at the notes, they will come in as "cloaked", as indicated with a grey color. This is to prohibit these same notes from  coming up in future search results. You can alter this by changing the sticky note color to yellow, green, or blue.