Blueprinter Updates


Users will get an additional warning before unlocking Tool 3.2. Also, users can now change the base language within the Preference Noteboard.

1. In Tool 3.2, a team determines which outcomes to prioritize with customers within Preference Interviews. To prevent the accidental deleting of customer data, two mechanisms were previously in place. First, there's a "lock" mechanism, in which a user locks a data when finished with this tool.

Second, when a user unlocks the tool, they were given a warning. However, some users were still ignoring the warnings and were therefore, creating data problems within their project.

To prohibit the accidental deleting of customer data, an additional warning is given to users is provided if they unlock Tool 3.2 when customer data is also within Tool 3.4.  The second warning will be even more explicit about the downstream consequences of unlocking and changing the previously selected outcomes. 


2. For Preference Interviews, users will now be able to change the language from English to one of eight additional languages. These are: Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese,  Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish.