Blueprinter Updates


Two major updates have been released: 1) Save As and 2) New "Create Project" Settings

1) Save As

"Save As" functionality has been added. There are three ways that you can execute Save As.

First, you can "Save everything", which will create a duplicate of your project with a new name. Especially sense Blueprinter software is used my multiple team members, all with the same access rights, this can be used to save versions along the way - as a hedge against a teammate's errors.

Or, if you don't want to save all of a project, you have two other options: "Save only step 1" or "Save only steps 1 and 2"




2) Create Project Settings

A new "Create Project Settings" page has been added. This adds project management capabilities  as well as providing inputs for a macro company-wide analysis of Blueprinting projects. 

For a new project, you'll begin with listing the basics: the Project Name and Team Leader. Next, you'll add some high level information about the project itself. 


Finally, you'll complete the set up by adding team members along with the amount of time that each person will spend on the project. Based upon this, along with other factors that you will add, Blueprinter software will estimate the amount of time that it will take to complete a Market Case.