Step 1

VIDEO: Tool 1.5 - How to Define Project Scope

Your project scope should have an audience and a topic. The topic is either a product or a job-to-be-done.

From a data entry perspective, there's not much to Tool 1.5. You just type in your scope. It should have an audience as well as a topic. And these two should align. If you select "Design Engineers" as your audience, then your topic could be a product, such as a zero turn radius mower, or a job-to-be-done, such as "Design a zero turn radius mower."

A product-based perspective will be preferred when your scope of innovation is relatively modest and when technologies are stable. However, if interested in disruptive innovation or defining a longer term road map, then a jobs-perspective is a better option. It is not a difficult process, but it is something that requires some thought. And if you do use a jobs-based route, expect to spend time with your team to ensure that you've picked the job correctly.

This video expands and this concept and demonstrates how to complete Tool 1.5 within the software.