How to select Top Picks (TP)

2. Informal Top Pick selection

For a small, informal customer interview, select their TPs this way.

With this approach, you simply ask your Discovery interview customers to look over all the sticky notes—yellow, green, and blue—and have them select a total of 5-to-10 sticky notes from all three colors as their Top Picks.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Explain that this will help you begin to focus on whatever they think is most important.
  • Allow enough time: ~20 minutes for TPs plus Outcome Statements (recorded in just TP sticky notes).
  • You can either display 36 notes per page… or show larger notes and scroll as needed.
  • As customers state their favorites, mark these sticky notes with a TP.
  • You can either mark TPs while the sticky notes are closed… or open them to mark them.
  • When they’re done, click “Top Picks” in the left panel, so you see just the TPs.
  • Then create Outcome Statements for these TPs. (See How to form Outcome Statements)

This is the most common way of selecting Top Picks. We recommend it when there is a reasonably small number of customer contacts in the interview… 5-6 or less. And its important to only use this method when these customers are listening to and respecting each other’s opinions. Otherwise use the voting method: See BlueHelp article, Voting method for Top Pick selection.

For more on Discovery interviews, see e-Learning Module 15: Discovery Interviews at > e-Learning.


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