How to select Top Picks (TP)

3. Voting method for Top Pick selection

Select TPs this way if you have a large customer group, dominant personalities, or introverts.

While the informal method of selecting Discovery interview Top Picks (last article) is quite common, there are several situations where you should abandon it and use a voting method instead:

  • You have too many customers in the room for all voices to be heard.
  • Everyone keeps waiting for the boss in the room to speak first.
  • You have one strong personality that monopolizes the discussion.
  • Some very knowledgeable customers are too introverted to speak up.

In such situations, it’s best to take a more “democratic” approach. Here’s how:

  • Ask everyone to look over all sticky notes and write down the numbers of their 5-10 favorites.
  • You can either display 36 notes per page… or show larger notes and scroll as needed.
  • When customers are done, take a tally by show of hands: “How many voted for sticky note #1?” “How many voted for note #2.” And so on.
  • Record the vote tally… either on a closed note or by opening each note.
  • When all votes have been tallied, use the “Sort Sticky Notes” button near the top… to sort by MHs and then highest number of votes.
  • Ask customers which of the highest vote-getters they want marked as TPs… and mark these accordingly.

As with the informal TP selection method, you’ll then click “Top Picks” in the left panel to view just TPs. And then create Outcome Statements for these TPs.

If you have a small, congenial interview group, use the informal method of TP selection: See BlueHelp article, Informal Top Pick selection. For more on Discovery interviews, see e-Learning Module 15: Discovery Interviews at > e-Learning.


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