Technical Issues

Why is my Blueprinter® software not syncing with the cloud?

To sync properly, Internet Explorer and Edge require correct browser settings.

Internet Explorer and Edge require particular settings for Blueprinter software do sync properly. If using one of these browsers and your software isn't syncing, then one of the actions below should solve the problem:


1) To continue using Internet Explorer or Edge, correct the settings. Depending upon your access rights and technical comfort, you may need help from your IT department to make those changes. Here are the instructions:

2) For a faster and better solution, switch to Chrome as your browser for Blueprinter software. For many reasons, it provides the best experience.



In most cases, this should solve the problem. If not, please try these:    

1) If encountering the issue while connecting through a VPN, disconnect the VPN and try again. 

2) Close and re-open the browser. 


If there is still an issue after trying the solutions above, please let us know at  and we will work with you to solve the problem.