Getting Started

How do I create a new project?

Estimate the time to complete the market case, add team members, and determine search sensitivity as you create a new project.

1. After opening Blueprinter® software from, go to the "My Projects" screen. Select "+ New Project". 


2. Give the project a name. Don't worry too much about this, you can change the name later if you choose. 


3. Assign a Team Leader. The team leader must have a Blueprinter software subscription. You can begin typing to see what names come up, or scroll through the list of your company's subscribers. 


4. Determine the Search visibility of your project. If you select "Not cloaked," then data from your project will be visible to searches from your colleagues at your company. If it's particularly sensitive, you may want to select "Cloaked."

If just practicing, you can select "Practice Project", which also prevents the data from coming up in inter-company searches. 


5. You have completed the minimum information required to create a new project. However, you will generally want to fill out the rest of the information which relates to either project management - or reporting information for later. Here is a definition of the other fields, and their relevance:

Project Start: The date to start the clock for project management purposes. 

Market Case Goal: The date your team will finish Blueprinting Steps 1-3. For most teams, this represents the completion of their project. 

Business Case Goal: The date your team will finish Blueprinting Steps 4-7, resulting in a Business Case. 

Sales Potential, Market Presence, and Target Presence data will show up later in your Market Case or Business Case documents. Blueprinter software has options to export these in either PowerPoint or PDF format. 


6. Great! You have completed the Project Settings. Let's move to set up your Project Team. 


7. Add team members. You can only add Team Members with Blueprinter software subscriptions. Add their percent of time available to work on the Blueprinting project. Based upon the resources available, Blueprinter software will estimate the length of time to complete a project. Regardless of responses, the estimate will be a minimum of three months. However, some extremely focused teams can exceed that goal. 



8. Select Timeline Adjustments. This will help to ensure that you have an accurate estimate on the amount of time to complete a Blueprinting project. 

You will rate:

  • Ability to secure interviews, based on existing relationships
  • Responsiveness of team members
  • The degree to which you will book Preference Interviews during each Discovery Interview

Finally, you will list the number of Discovery Interviews that your team plans to execute. 


9. Congrats! You are finished with setting up your project! Make sure that your team members can all see it and access the new project. If they have any trouble, refer them to this article. 



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