How is Blueprinting learned and applied?
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How project team leaders can get a fast, strong start on learning & applying Blueprinting with a dedicated AIM coach.

Have you been tapped to lead a project team as it learns and applies New Product Blueprinting? Our goal is to help you lead a highly successful project and ensure your team members develop career-long skills for future projects. Here's a step-by-step plan on how you, the team leader, can work with the AIM coach dedicated to your success.

1. If time permits, your AIM Coach will schedule a short-web-conference to have with you before the workshop you and your team members will attend. 

2. Before the above session with your coach, please check out these short webpages:

3. When your AIM coach meets with you before the workshop, he or she will work with you on the following:

  • Discuss project scope: Do you already have a tightly-focused market opportunity to pursue? Or do you need to "step back" with your team to identify the market you'll target? Your AIM coach will help you with either case.
  • Confirm team members: Successful teams are multi-functional, typically with 4-6 team members from marketing, product management, technical and sales. Team membership can depend on whether this is a regional or global project. If you need added members trained, your AIM coach can suggest options.
  • Schedule first team meeting: You and the AIM coach will schedule your team's first web-conference meeting to occur after the workshop. This helps your team get a fast start... which we've learned is one of the strongest drivers of success.

4. You and your team will attend two back-to-back half-day workshop sessions. This could be a public workshop with other companies, or a private workshop with just your company colleagues. At this workshop, you and your team members will participate in an interview role-play on each day.

5. Between this workshop and your first team meeting with your AIM coach, a little prep-work on your part can go a long way. Consider the following:

  • If you and the coach have decided your first team meeting will be devoted to identifying a target market segment, please review the BlueHelp articles at How to Select your Target Market Segment.
  • If your first team meeting will be used to plan the companies you wish to interview, please bring a list of prospects, and see the BlueHelp articles at How to Plan Discovery Interviews. Note: for good use of time, your AIM coach will start this process now, and you can ask someone to add remaining interviewees later. This will allow time for your coach to guide your team on Current State questions and Trigger Maps.

6. At your first team web-conference, your AIM coach will help you and your team set up its project in Blueprinter software. Your coach cannot open your Blueprinter project for security reasons, so you'll need to select a team member to be your note-taker and share his/her screen while operating in Blueprinter software. Your coach will facilitate this session, and together you'll schedule your next team meeting.


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