Technical Issues

Why can't I see a project for which I should have access?

There are multiple reasons, from user knowledge to browser cache issues, that can prevent someone from seeing a project for which they should have access.

There are multiple reasons that you may not see a project for which you you should have access. For each of them, it is a quick fix to resolve. 

Please explore each of these three reason in the given order below. 


Reason #1: The project is hidden. 

You can hide a project from your view by toggling the Hide icon, as you can see here: 


To see all hidden projects, select the hidden icon within the "Filter Projects" tab:



Reason #2: Your colleagues did not properly add you to the project. 

Ask any of your colleagues who have access to the project to add you. Ask for them to send you a screenshot of the Team & Timeline page so that you can verify that this was done correctly. 

The Team & Timeline can be found under the main menu (sometimes called the "hamburger menu" icon):


When they send you a screenshot, look to see if your name and correct email can be seen. Note that in the image below "Philip Rivers" has been added, and we see a warning that reads "*No active Blueprinter account. "

If this warning is by your name, then either your colleague did not correctly find your name in the drop-down list, or your subscription is inactive. Ask your colleague to find you again and add you. If you are not in the list, then contact your company sponsor and let them know that you need your Blueprinter software subscription renewed. 




Reason #3: Your browser cache isn't updating. 

Blueprinter software stores data within your browser's cache. Sometimes, it needs a little encouragement to grab new data. We may need to do a few things to push this action. 

Before doing any of these, please first verify that you are online. 

Try these actions: 

1. Open and close some other projects. 

2. Use a different internet connection. Sometimes the specific requirements of a company's facility internet creates a cache issue. Perhaps try the "Personal Hotspot" of your phone. Or, if you typically use a VPN; try turning off the VPN. Then open/close some other projects to encourage the sync. 

3. Logout and log back in again. The logout option is in the upper right hand corner. As a reminder, you should never logout if you have worked offline without going back online to sync those changes first. To verify, note the "Cloud Sync Status" of all your projects. They should have the green check mark with "Synced". If so, then you are good to logout safely:


4. Close your browser, then open a different one. There are exactly two approved browsers: Chrome and MS Edge. (Chrome is the recommended one.) Close the one that you're using - and try a different one. Again, verify that you are online first and that you do not have unsynced changed. You know this if the Cloud Sync Status has a green checkmark that reads "Synced."



If after trying all these steps, you still cannot access the project, then please contact us for assistance.  When doing so, please include the screenshot from "Reason #2" above, so we can see your name and email as properly assigned to the project in question. 



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