Technical Issues

How do I solve a browser cache issue?

Addressing browser cache errors can solve a multitude of issues.

Blueprinter® software stores data within your browser's cache. Sometimes, it needs a little encouragement to grab new data. We may need to do a few things to push this action. 

Occasionally, this data can become corrupted which causes many odd symptoms. Many of these are causes during the course of using different internet options (with/without VPN, office vs. home, hotels, airports, various corporate facilities, etc.)

Just like with your PC, "powering it off and on again" can solve many odd issues, so can clearing the cache. If you have an unusual issue, this is a recommended course of action. 


Before doing any of these, please first verify that you are online. 

Try these actions: 

1. Open and close some other projects. 

2. Use a different internet connection. Sometimes the specific requirements of a company's facility internet create a cache issue. Perhaps try the "Personal Hotspot" of your phone. Or, if you typically use a VPN; try turning off the VPN. Then open/close some other projects to encourage the sync. 

3. Logout and log back in again. The logout option is in the upper right-hand corner. As a reminder, you should never log out if you have worked offline without going back online to sync those changes first. To verify, note the "Cloud Sync Status" of all your projects. They should have the green checkmark with "Synced". If so, then you are good to log out safely:


4. Close your browser, then open a different one. There are exactly two approved browsers: Chrome and MS Edge. (Chrome is the recommended one.) Close the one that you're using - and try a different one. Again, verify that you are online first and that you do not have unsynced changed. You know this if the Cloud Sync Status has a green checkmark that reads "Synced."