Blueprinter Updates


Conduct a Preference Survey with Blueprinter software using Tool 3.5

 With this latest update, Blueprinting practitioners can conduct surveys using Tool 3.5. You'll know this is active in your software as it's no longer "greyed out," but is live:


The survey allows practitioners to easily increase their reach and boost statistical confidence. Further, they can continue to use Preference Interviews as in the past, use Preference Surveys with this new function, or any combination of the two. 

Within Tool 3.6, Data Analysis, practitioners can also separate these inputs (Interviews and Surveys) to see if there are any differences. 

B2B innovators using New Product Blueprinting have been eagerly awaiting this for a long time! You can click here to give any feedback on this new feature.  

Click here for full, detailed instructions on how to configure, plan for, execute, and track progress on a Preference Survey.