Blueprinting E-Learning Course

Overview of e-learning for New Product Blueprinting

31 E-learning modules cover B2B front-end innovation… to reinforce workshop learning & build B2B market insight skills.

In 2012, The AIM Institute created this series of 31 e-learning modules—each 15-to-30 minutes—with DuPont as its lead client. They’ve continually updated it so that today it remains the most advanced course on B2B front-end of innovation.

Learners can only absorb so much in a workshop, so learners receive weekly reminders after their kick-off workshop to take their next e-module. This happens for all public and private workshop attendees that are fully subscribed to the Blueprinting Center... but not those attending on the 30-dayTrial plan (just to "check out" Blueprinting).

This reinforces and deepens their learning… especially as they apply it to a real project under the guidance of an AIM Coach. Want industry-leading customer insight pros on your teams? This is a big part of making it happen.

This e-learning course is accessed in Blueprinting users' Blueprinting Center ( by clicking the "e-Learning" button at the top. A section of the Home Page near the bottom allows you to track your progress in taking these e-modules.

E-learning in Blueprinting Center

E-modules #12-23 contain essential "hands-on" skills for conducting Discovery and Qualitative interviews, and as such are required for Blueprinting Practitioner Certification. The remaining e-modules (#1-12 and #24-32) are required for Blue Belt Certification. After their kick-off workshop, learners weekly reminders, beginning with e-module #13... so they can begin applying hands-on VOC skills.

For short sample excerpts of these videos and a description of each, visit For details on viewing and reviewing these e-modules, visit the BlueHelp article, e-Learning page of Blueprinting Center.


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