How is Blueprinting learned and applied?
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  3. How is Blueprinting learned and applied?

8. What additional preparation beyond the minimum can be helpful before beginning training in New Product Blueprinting?

Take additional preparation steps to be even more prepared for a productive and enjoyable Virtual Kick-off Workshop.

Your "Virtual Kick-off Workshop" begins your journey to become a B2B Voice of the Customer expert! 

Especially if you have a high interest in innovation, product development or product management, you can benefit from a measure of additional preparation. You can consider these as optional additional measures:

Additional Optional Preparation


As a reminder, here are the Required Preparation Steps. You would have seen them the first time you go into the Blueprinting Center at

Required Preparation Steps

1. Download and print the Discovery Interview Quick Start Card (Blue Tool)

2. Set up a practice project

3. Take the pre-course survey (it just takes a few minutes) here.
















3. Take this 5-minute survey:


Optional Preparation to be even more ready!