Step 4

How to Execute Step 4 in Blueprinter® software

Explicit instructions on how to use Step 4

What's the purpose of Step 4? 

Step 4, "Side by Side Testing," aims to determine how various products perform against each other using selected desired outcomes. 

For more on the background on Step 4:

How do I execute Step 4 in Blueprinter® software?

1. Select Tool 4.1, "Select outcomes to test."

2. Within Tool 4.1, Select the desired Market View.

3. Confirm that you're going to continue with this Market View. 

Once confirmed, this cannot be undone. And afterward, you cannot change data within Steps 1-3. However, if you find the need to do this, just use the "Save As" feature to create a new project with only Steps 1-3 completed. 

4. Select the degree of rigor for each outcome. 

There are three levels of rigor:

Test: Perform a test that as objective as possible to measure the performance level of an outcome.

Estimate: Estimate the performance level of an outcome

Ignore: Ignore this outcome regarding testing. 

5. Design the tests in Tool 4.2

For each outcome, enter the test name, test description, unit of measure, and the performance rating that would constitute a SAT score of 5 (barely acceptable) and 10 (Totally Satisfied). 


6. Determine which products to test in Tool 4.3. 

Typically, you would select some of your products, leading competitors, and any interest. Add product descriptions and indicate who is responsible for obtaining each product. 


7. Test the products and use Tool 4.4 Record Test Results. 

8. Record estimated SAT results for outcomes selected to estimates as (opposed to tests) within Tool 4.5

9. Review final testing comparisons within Tool 4.5

10. Review the "Outside-In Score" for each product in Tool 4.6. 


The Outside-In Score uses weighted average IMP scores and SAT scores to estimate how well each product would be accepted by customers.