Step 5

How to Execute Step 5 in Blueprinter® software

Instructions on how to use Step 5 within Blueprinter® software.

What's the purpose of Step 5?

Step 5 aims to create target values for new products to better meet customer needs than current and competitive options. 

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How to execute Step 5:

1. Review Preference Data in Tool 5.1


2. Review Competitive Test data in Tool 5.2


3. Create New Product Design in Tool 5.3

Add target performance values for the new product. The software will calculate estimated new SAT scores. Add estimated new SAT scores for the new product. 


4. Review the list of Must-Haves in Tool 5.4


5. Create a Multi-Generational Roadmap in Tool 5.5

Similar to Tool 5.3, add target performance values and estimated SAT scores for multiple generations of new products.