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1. Blueprinting Center Home Page

Overview of the Blueprinting Center, with a description of each section in the Home Page

Your Blueprinting Center ( is your "one-stop shop" for everything you need to apply New Product Blueprinting. The tab marked "Open Blueprinter 5.0" requires an annual software subscription renewal after your first year. But you have life-time, no-cost access to the rest of the Blueprinting Center... even if you move to another company.

The Top Banner (blue section) has links to other key pages... e-Learning, BlueTools aids, BlueHelp knowledge center, and (most important) your Blueprinter software. Everything below the Top Banner on this Home Page helps you do your work confidently and quickly. Let's take a tour...

Blueprinting Center Home Page1. Top Banner: At the very top of this page, you may see other links, e.g. other AIM subscriptions (like Minesweeper de-risking software) or Executive Dashboard (to see a portfolio of your company's Blueprinting projects). Your profile link is in the upper right. The 5 buttons in the Top Banner are links to these pages:

2. Recent Projects: Start a new project in Blueprinter software, or view any existing project created by you... or a colleague that added you to their team (in your "My Projects" list). The most recent projects you've opened can be quickly accessed here.

3. Project Analytics: The timeline colors show your Blueprinting phase (Market Research, Discovery, Preference), the dots are completed interviews, and the diamonds scheduled interviews. A blue circle is your Market Case goal. Click any project to open its Blueprinter software.

4. Goals for Certification: To get your Practitioner Certification, participate in 5 interviews, take 12 e-learning modules, pass 4 exams, and complete a Market Case (even if your project is a "no-go"). Then pursue Blue Belt Certification with more interviews, e-learning and exams.

5. My Interviews: This shows how many Discovery (orange) and Preference (green) interviews you did as a Moderator (dark shade), Note-taker (medium shade), or Observer (light shade)... as was recorded in the Prep Sheets of your Blueprinter software.

6. Important Dates: This reminds you of key dates, e.g. your next scheduled interviews, your Market Case goal date, etc.

7. What's New: Keep developing your skills with this week's Awkward Realities micro-blog, this month's newsletter article from Dan Adams & Scott Burleson, news of upcoming events, and more.

8. e-Learning: See which e-Learning modules you've completed. E-modules 13-to-24 teach hands-on interviewing techniques and are required for Blueprinting Practitioner Certification. The remaining e-modules help you master the rest of front-end innovation and are required for Blue Belt Certification.

9. Certification: Four exams must be passed for Blueprinting Practitioner Certification. Then you'll take 7 more advanced exams for Blue Belt certification. Good news: 100% of the content is in the BlueHelp knowledge center. Fail an exam? No problem, the software suggests specific BlueHelp articles for you to study before you retake it.

10. Blueprinting Colleagues: Search to find other Blueprinting subscribers in your company. Certified Blue Belts and Certified Blueprinting Practitioners are listed at the top, so you know who to ask for help with a question... or to add an experienced member to your next project team.


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